Összeállt a Keynotok szuper-csapata az Ösvény#2 -re...

A plenáris előadók illusztris csapata a világ (szó szerint) minden irányából érkezik: Amerikától, Nyugat-Európán át Ausztráliáig. Az előadásik és az azt követő workshopok leírásait hamarosan közzé tesszük az Ösvény honlapján.

Prof.Dr. Denise Mitten

– from Prescott University, a kind of „wise elder woman of AT”. “From a Girl Scout in the 1960s, Denise became a widely experienced adventure guide: SCUBA to cycling to mountaineering. She chairs the adventure education master's program at Prescott College and researches ethical leadership, nature and wellness, body image, and spiritual connections to outdoor spaces.”

Luk Peeters

– from Belgium (he has been to Hungary on several occasions and  has professional/private connections to Hungary).
) . Luk would be great to represent the „whole history” of how to become an Adventure therapist, from starting point of Experiential Education and Outward Bound, in Europe.„Luk has been working in the experiential outdoors since 1985. He is Outward Bound trainer and Gestalt therapist and supervisor with specialisations in Existential and Group Psychotherapy.He works as Process Facilitator and as staff member of an Emotion Focused Therapy and a Group Psychotherapy training program.”


dr. Peter Klentzan

– from Germany – leader of „Wing of Hope – Germany, traumatherapist, supervisor, trainer.  European perspective with special focus on the current crisis topic...

Peter already has the title of his presentation:

„Control and self-efficacy regain! - An education and therapy for traumatized people, which is based on experience. Exemplified by the work with young war refugees.”


Dr. Ray Handley

– from Australia,  University of Wollongong. Ray was suggested to us by Martin Ringer, who was the Open-Keynote speaker at the first conference and who will also present different workshops this year. Ray presented two papers to the First International Adventure Therapy Conference and he has been an innovator and original thinker in the field of adventure therapy and experiential learning. Ray’s writing and presenting had a significant impact on the field of adventure therapy in Australia and New Zealand and probably also more widely around the world.

Prof.Dr. Werner Michl

– from Germany, Universitat Luxemburg. Werner was invited last year as well, but at the last moment he had to cancel his presentation. Werner has been an  important and prominent representative of the German Experiential Education movement for decades. http://www.wernermichl.de/


Ian Blackwell

– from UK, Plymouth University. He was presenting last year as well, with different workshops. Since he had very good evaluations from participants, we decided invite him again as Keynote. As he had such high evaluations from participants, we have decided to invite him again as a Keynote speaker.

Ian has worked in 'outside the classroom' settings for 20 years. Since 2012 he has managed the Natural Connections Project at Plymouth University - this is one of the largest outdoor learning programmes in the UK, reaching 120 primary and secondary schools. He also runs 'Dangerous Dads', a very successful group for fathers and young children, and trains teachers in outdoor learning techniques.”